About This Event
    *10:00am PST Every Friday*

    Artis Via Inc is offering an opportunity for people to attend an online webinar where they can learn how to close an international transaction through the process of arbitrage.

    Our training session is about 1-2 hours long. Once trained and accepted by our team, you will be given a viable international commodity transaction to close. We provide a data package for an Exporter and Importer for a specific commodity that is ready to be negotiated and closed as a TRUE BACK2BACK transaction. Once closed, you will earn your commission for the work done.

    This training program covers:
    - Who Artis Via Inc. is and how we operate in the international trade community
    - What Arbitrage is and how you will use it to your advantage
    - The meaning of a TRUE BACK2BACK transaction
    - Guidelines for your road to closing a deal and earning your piece of the pie

    How this works:
    - Sign up
    - Get trained
    - Get approved
    - Get a TRUE BACK2BACK transaction in your hands
    - Close a deal
    - Get your commission
    - Do it all again...

    If you already have the skills or are looking to acquire the skills, then get involved and sign up now!
    Earning REAL MONEY from the comfort of the internet has never been so easy!

    *Once approved to attend this event, you will receive an email with the details on how to attend the virtual event*
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