Whole Pig Heads, 50 Metric Ton USA Origin

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    Meat Component: Derived from US produced fresh-chilled pork carcass – skull portion. Tongue, skin, ears, cheek & head trimmings are intact. The head is cleaned and mostly free from hair & any foreign material.

    State of Refrigeration: Fresh: Maintained & delivered at < 280 F/ no > 400 internal temperature.

    Frozen: Maintained & delivered at < 00 F

    Box Inner Packaging:
    • Singly IWP; 3 or 4 heads/box
    Box Outer Packaging:
    • Box dimensions 10”x 12”x 20”
    • Cube: 1.39 cubic feet
    • Pallet: 7 boxes/row; 35 boxes/pallet
    • Loading: Boxes stacked & palletized w/shrink wrap plastic
    Labeling: Company Info; USDA Inspection Seal; Official Est. Number; Product Name; Net Weight; Safe
    Handling Instructions; Date of Packaging; UPC Code, Product of USA.
    • HACCP
    • USDA Inspected & Passed


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