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    EZ Exporting

    Join our growing database of sources perhaps as one of the world's largest resource companies, manufacturers, or traders or simply as a small merchant businesses or individual supplier.


    Originate, develop, and close physical commodities arbitrage. Manage your transactions, earn a commission from anywhere, at anytime while giving yourself another reason to travel.

    EZ Importing

    Get quicker and more dependable export offers to either procure outright or bid on an inventory from our live, global auctions. Also create a request for commodities not yet offered.

    conduct international trade efficiently 
    and make the world your marketplace

    Here is a web-based international trade platform designed to simplify and digitize the process of international trade. We provide the needed tools and technology to enable import businesses to improve the efficiency of their current operations, and  allowing farmers and manufacturers to expand their reach globally.


    Sharing Value

    Select accounts are willing to share the portfolio spread within their series of transactions.

    Select accounts are willing to share the spread within a single transaction withing their portfiolio of transactions.

    SoOum is willing to share in the growth of its enterprise value resulting from the mass production of physical commodity arbitrage transctions on a case by case basis.

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