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    The world's first international trading and global networking hub. Discovering global economic opportunities for individuals and businesses all over the world.


    Address global scarcity by making international trade simpler, smarter and universally accessible.


    With its innovative transaction matching back end, SoOum provides buyers and sellers with opportunities that would take years to create and cultivate by themselves. 


    Find new trade partners around the world. Discover new counterparties to expand and diversify global reach.

    Discover Economic Imbalances and
    Fill the Trade Voids Created by Them

    We discover global trade opportunities caused by supply and demand fundamentals. We are “on the trading edge” because we base our research on contemporary world social, political and economic affairs. Our intelligent tracking system finds many of the best deals on the planet. 


    Integrity.  We uphold the highest standard of integrity in all of our actions. 

    Commitment to our Customers. Our customer relationships make a positive difference in their lives. 

    Boldness. We are not afraid to step into new and untraveled waters. 

    Innovation. We innovate every day. 

    Equality of Results. We try to ensure that every trader has an equal chance to succeed….even those who have never traded before. 

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