The shea tree is an indigenous African tree which generally grows in the wild. It grows extensively in the dry savannah belt of the West Africa and parts of Eastern and Central Africa. The tree starts bearing fruits from 10 to 15 years old and reaches its peak production at about 30 to 50 years. At maturity, shea nut kernels contains 47 to 50 percent fat or oil which when extracted is called Shea Butter.
    Shea butter is a triglyceride (fat), made up of predominantly stearic and oleic fatty acids. Other fatty present in shea butter are palmitic, linoleic and arachidic acids. Locally, crude shea butter is used is consumed as food and for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. (c)2018, Sooum Corp, and its affiliates and assigns and licensors. ​All rights reserved. No claim to copyright is made for original U.S. government works.​